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Based in Grimsby Lincolnshire, we at The Barley Twist Soap Company get all of a lather over soap making.

In developing new recipes, tweeking traditional favourites & introducing you to bespoke soaps, our quality products are our passion.





           Not just another soap company, making, packaging & supplying everything from raw to door.

Our soap bars are made in small batches so that you get high quality that isn't mass produced, on average there are 15 - 20 bars of soap to each batch






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What we do...

Hand made soaps.....

Traditional recipes made by us by hand for you...


Making soap is a bit like a science project, every stage needs to be monitored for temperature, curing, ph levels & finally testing.

We do this for every single batch of soap that we make, can trace each ingredient back to source & keep samples from each batch for 5 years.
   The Barley Twist Soap                   Company 



Novelty & travel Soaps...

Compact sized soaps perfect for travel

An ideal way to try out something new with our mini bars of soap in travel size.

No need to worry about these leaking in your toiletries bag, adding to your luggage weight or taking up space.


We love what we do...

Our Orange soap bars contain whole fresh oranges - fruit, peel, juice, the entire thing! Pulped & added to every batch. 

 NO allergens, NO animal fats or bi products.

Here at The Barley Twist Soap Company we make all of our soaps by hand.

Using quality ingredients, traditional techniques & a passion for all things soapy, we produce, package & retail everything ourselves.



                *No synthetic artificial colourings are used in any of our products*

                    *Cruelty free - Our products are not tested on animals*

          *Suitable for vegans - No animal products/animal bi products/Dairy*

*we will now be selling our wrapped soaps in tissue paper which is easily recycleable.

Running along side our naked soaps (free from packaging range) ,we are now on route to be plastic free & more enviromentally friendly. Speciality soaps will be sold in coloured organza gift bags that can be reused.*







                                   Proud members of

         The Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers






                              To get in touch or make an Order go to

                       the contact page or e-mail claire.barley@outlook.com

               You can also find us on Face book - @TheBarleyTwistsoapCompany




       *Payment can be made via Paypal - bank transfer or izettle pay link*


                              *Orders over £30 get free postage*


                     * SOAP BOXES - £15 With free postage & packing*



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