Here at The Barley Twist soap company we are always experimenting with ingredients that are slightly off the beaten track of traditional soap making.

Along with our classic recipes we strive to bring our best quality products to you.


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We'll be back to see you all at events really soon - busily making the traditional soaps that you love...


*You can still Order via the contact page/message us on face book or call us on 07990634999*

   *Payment can be made via Paypal - izettle pay link or bank transfer*



            *Orders over £20 get free postage*


    *OUR SOAP BOXES - 6 soap bars FOR £15 

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This month I have been looking into Aloe Vera & working on a new recipe.


I wanted to incorporate Aloe Vera & Witch hazel in to a new soap bar, having used products containing each singularly but not combined it got me thinking about how the 2 could work together.

Aloe Vera is a plant which produces gel harvested within it's leaves, therefore it's natural & chemical free.

With it's links to reducing irritated skin, being a hydrating ingredient, containing antioxidant & antibacterial properties, all the research pointed to a great start.

Next came the Witch hazel, also a plant, associated with relieving inflammation, reducing skin irritation & having anti inflammatory properties.

The thought of combining these 2 ingredients to create a soap bar took shape, I was able to source the Aloe Vera from a trusted supplier & found medical grade witch hazel locally.

Next came the science, using our base recipe I began to play around with combinations, getting the amounts stable, the consistency right, then waiting almost 6 weeks before we could finally get to the testing phase.

The soap has to be dried out so that it lasts longer, this also gives it chance to be monitored for changes in appearance & ph levels.

Firstly the testing is done by myself, then if I think that it's good enough it gets passed to friends & family to get important feed back. The decision to bring a new product into our range doesn't end there, it then goes to be assessed by our chemist for a cosmetic safety report, only then can we make a decision on its future.

The process is lengthy, but for the peace of mind I get from full traceability on every ingredient, having a product that is fit for purpose & one that I believe in enough to put our name on, that to me is priceless.

Along with the Aloe Vera & witch hazel soap bar we will also be introducing an Orange, cedarwood & sea salt soap bar.

Look out for introductory offers & our monthly special buys, stay safe, take care of yourselves & each other...x








 Q - Do your soaps contain LANOLIN?

 A - No, we don't use Lanolin, tallow or any other animal products in our soaps.

Lanolin (from Latin lāna, ‘wool’, and oleum, ‘oil’), also called wool wax or wool grease, is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals.

We use olive, Sunflower & Coconut oil, our products contain vegetable & mineral based ingredients & no animal fats or ingredients derived from them.

This also makes our products vegan friendly & suitable for vegetarians with the exception of our Honey & Oatmeal soap, whilst containing natural honey it is the only ingrediant that is not suitable for vegans but is fine for vegetarians.




                Customer feed back 


What our customers are saying about our products..



* Leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturised. (Lavender soap bar)
* I like the rustic look and feel. (Orange soap bar)
* Silky & creamy, makes a fabulous face wash - highly recommended for pore reduction.
(Witch hazel & Aloe Vera soap bar)
* This is definitely a "beauty bar", improved my mature skin enormously.
(Witch hazel & Aloe Vera soap bar)
* Love the texture & lather. (Summer fruits soap bar)
We first saw your soaps at the Lincoln Christmas Fair last December. They're all used up now, so time to replace them and give some to friends! 




We are proud members of the guild of craft soap & toiletry makers.



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