Made in Lincolnshire   


In Lincolnshire we are lucky enough to have some very tallented producers, buying locally made products helps to support the makers directly...






Made in Lincolnshire

       gift boxes from

The Barley Twist Soap                    Company


    £30 with free postage



*5 bars of hand made traditional soap from the Barley twist soap company.

*Bespoke wooden soap dish from local craftsman Cyril @ wood & wool workshop.

*Applique detail cotton wash cloth hand sewn locally.

*Wooden gift box also made locally & stamped made in Lincolnshire.              *A selection of our travel soaps from the Barley twist soap company.          *Gift bag - Hand made in Cleethorpes - Lincolnshire. 

**When ordering select 5 x soap bars from: Orange, Lavender, Cucumber,Honey & Oatmeal, Pure, Summer Fruits, Mango & Sea Salt, Cherry & Chocolate**


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Our Made in Lincolnshire gift boxes contain bespoke hand made wooden soap dishes from 

Wood & Wool workshop in Fiskerton - Lincolnshire.

Cyril hand makes each dish from locally sourced wood at his workshop, with every one as unique as the piece of wood that it came from.

Ethical sourcing reduces waste, puts back into our local communities & supports our makers.








 Quality Wooden Hand made       in Lincolnshire boxes.  


Hand made by Claire Hoskin from

The Barley Twist Soap Company.


Measuring aprox 20cm wide x 8cm high x 20cm.


Made from quality locally sourced pine wood, light weight & sturdy.



Can be printed with your company name, or a personal message.

Bespoke gifting.


Contact Claire via the contact us page above or on 07990634999.

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